University in (increasing) numbers

As all enrolment procedures are over, we are now able to provide some data about the students enrolled at UP in the Academic Year 2020/2021. We are happy to announce that there are currently 6,091 students enrolled in 78 study programs of the University of Primorska (4,587 full-time and 1,504 part-time), which is 18 % more than last year. Compared to the 2019/2020 academic year, the total number of first-year students enrolled in all programs of all cycles increased by almost 100.

The University of Primorska attracts freshmen from all Slovenian statistical regions, although most of them come from the Osrednjeslovenska, Obalno-kraška and Goriška regions. The number of international students also continues to grow - they now represent 15.5% of all enrolled students (14% last year), and at some faculties they represent almost half of all freshmen. Most of the 943 enrolled foreigners come from Serbia (253), Bosnia and Herzegovina (235), and North Macedonia (155), among the EU countries the ones with the most students are Italy (77) and Croatia (65). International students come from 46 countries from all continents, and the programs that attract the most foreigners are on the fields of natural sciences, management and humanities.

Here are some other interesting datas: in the current Academic Year, almost 70% of all UP employees are under the age of 50, and the number of all university graduates has already exceeded 18,500, including 296 doctors of science.

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