1994 – In the sphere of the European PHARE TEMPUS project, the Slovenian Tourist Industry establishes the College of Hospitality and Tourism in Portorož (VŠHT). The predecessor of Turistica is thus the first independent Higher Education institution in Slovenia, established according to EU standards. Mag. Marjan Tkalčič is the first appointed dean.

1995 – In autumn VŠHT enrols the first generation of students, studying on the Higher Education professional programme Hospitality and Tourism. The international comparability of the programme is still assured by the TEMPUS project, which connects VŠHT with the universities in Italy (Università Ca’ Foscari in Venice), Frnace (University of Angers), Belgium (Vrije Universiteit in Brussels) and the Netherlands (University of Applied Sciences NHTV in Breda). In the first years, the studies are carried out at the premises of the prestigious Villa Marija in Portorož.

2000 – VŠHT is renamed to Turistica – College of Tourism Portorož. Through an evaluation, performed together with the tourism industry, the first contextual update of the study programme is made. Hence three study orientations are formed: Hospitality, Gambling and Tourism. The full-time studies are carried out in Portorož, part-time studies, on the other hand, are performed in Radenci, Ljubljana and Nova Gorica.

2003 – Dr. Milan Abrož is appointed as Dean. Turistica becomes the founding member of the new Slovenian university – the University of Primorska. The land next to the student dorms in Portorož is meant for Turistica to built its own new premises. Until the new building is constructed (2007) the lectures are held at the Auditorium Portorož arts and convention centre. The Encuentros scientific conference on tourism is planned and in 2004 carried out as the first larger international conference of Turistica.

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2006 – Under the leadership of the dean dr. Marija Ovsenik the study programmes are adapted to the Bologna process of adjusting the Higher Education in EU countries. The Tourism studies are thus carried out in form of the 1st Bologna cycle: Management of Tourism Destinations, Business Systems in Tourism and Mediation in Tourism. As one of the first in Slovenia, Turistica introduces the 2nd cycle of studies – Master studies in tourism, in Portorož as well as in Ljubljana. Together with the Slovenian Government, Turistica prepares the five-year strategy of the Slovenian Tourism Development, which outlines the guidelines of destination management.

2008 – The Slovenian Parliament approves to Turistica the status of faculty (Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica). In the study year 2007/08 Turistica begins to perform its scientific-research and academic work in the new premises next to Bernardin. The opening (may 2008) is held in parallel to the 2ndinternational scientific conference Encuentros, where tourism researchers and professionals from different countries participate, thus enabling Turistica to design its international tourism research network. Dr. Akeksandra Brezovec is appointed as dean in the same year. In compliance with global trends of studying heritage for tourism purposes, Turistica adds another study programme on 2nd level: Heritage Tourism ad as the fisrt Slovenian faculty begins performing the university programmes in the field of tourism on 1st level.

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2009 – Turistica’s Library gains the status of UN WTO depositary library. To meet the needs of closer local cooperation the Alumni club, Club of Turistica Partners and Mediterranean Institute for Research in Tourism (MIRT) are established. In partnership with the Slovenian Tourism Organisation the project Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia is carried out and a year later wins the innovation award at the UN WTO.

2012 – Turistica appoints prof. Anton Gosar as dean. The first Slovenian doctoral study Innovative Tourism in the field of Tourism is implemented. On World’s Tourism Day the 4th Encuentros conference is opened. It developed into a biennial meeting of scientists and researchers in tourism on global level. Many international respected professors and researchers are included into the faculty study process and MIRT institute.

2014 – The University of Primorska becomes a member of the UNESCO UNITWIN network. Thus the Department of Cultural Tourism and Heritage connects with 30 foreign universities, that emphasize cultural tourism.

2015 – Turistica celebrates its 20th anniversary. The study programme Cultural Tourism is implemented.

2016 – The UNESCO UNITWIN plate is unveiled at Turistica. Dr. Janez Mekic is appointed as dean.

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2017 – In the study year 2017/18 Turistica implements the study programme in English language Tourism Enterprise Management.