Student Council

The Student Council is the faculty body that represents students at the faculty and university. Our main task is to protect the interests of students and to improve the learning environment. We do this in various ways, including:

  • We give opinions on proposals for changes to study programmes, the University Statutes and other acts that concern students;
  • Participate in the decision-making bodies of the faculty or university;
  • Monitor the functioning of the faculty or university and point out irregularities;
  • Organise events and activities for students;
  • Advise students on issues they face in relation to their studies;
  • Represent students in contacts with external institutions.

In short, we are the voice of the students and we work to ensure that students have the best possible conditions for their studies at the college or university.
The Student Council is a very active and important factor in student life.

Current structure:

Tjaša Hajnžič, President 
Žan Seušek, Vice-President
Ana Bujošević, Secretary
Blagica Atanasova
Peter Kopić
Jakob Mlakar
Milena Ninković
Teodora Ninković
Ana Šenk
Marcel Zidanšek