Student Council

The new and old Students Council on the inaugural session (december 2018)

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The faculty’s Student Council proudly (re)presents the views of the students, not only on the faculty but on the university level as well. All the council members strive towards enriching the study and student life.

Tourism is a science, which unites many activities and offers numerous varied potentials in one’s further personal growth, and that is why the Student Council encourages students to become active and show their creativity already during their studies.  

The Student Council organises the “Opportunistica” conference, visit at the “MEKST” conference in Novi Sad, Serbia, and the conference in frame of the “Turizmijada” congress in Budva, Montenegro. As promoters of interactions among students, we organise many events at the faculty, like movie nights, completion “Sive celice Turistice” (“Grey Cells of Turistica”), travel lectures, international evenings, freshmen’s party, humanitarian weeks, etc. New ideas and proposals are very welcome, and that is why the inclusion of students is so important to us.

Be creative, dare and join us at Turistica, the entry ticket into the world of tourism.

The current members of the Student Council:

Adrijana Šučur, President
Kristina Bogataj, Vice President
Maša Peršič, Secretary
Ikbala Makić
Karin Šnabl
Katarina Igličar
Dan Grešak
Žiga Vintar
Nikolina Janković
Emina Baltić