Word from the Dean

Dear students, dear friends of Turistica!

The Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica of the University of Primorska is a place that brings together researchers, teachers, experts and students of tourism. An activity that has been evolving for many decades and means not only traveling and exploring cultures and different worlds, but also an activity that connects the local community and strengthens interpersonal relationships. It is the orientation towards the local, the green, the sustainable and the orientation towards connecting different knowledge from different fields that is the distinctive feature of tourism.

Although tourism seems to have stalled at the moment, we believe that its development and breakthrough within the local community and the wider world requires the right knowledge: Knowledge that will be able to overcome various challenges in order to provide individuals with space and opportunity to spend time actively, and provide space and destinations with the opportunities for development and success.

Together with our teachers, researchers and students, we have witnessed many changes in tourism during Turistica's 25-year history; therefore, we know that the desire to travel, discover new worlds and learn about other cultures is part of everyone's mind, and it never stops. Thus, we invite you to enter the world of tourism through the doors of Turistica and experience the best journey for knowledge, and join us in creating a tourism tailored to the individual, the local community and the world!