Word from the Dean

Dear visitors and dear students!

At the Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica we research, lecture and learn about a relatively fresh phenomenon, which in all of its forms attracts millions of people worldwide. We research this phenomenon which development and extent are synchronized with the degree of freedom, human rights and acceptance of diversity on our planet. What, more than tourism, can unite people and enrich individuals? Which phenomenon has gone beyond the understanding of the meaning of nature, its values and cultural heritage?

I believe that the power of unification held by tourism has been transferred to our Turistica as well and is reflected in our mutual relations. If journeys have always been driven by curiosity, then our research in tourism is driven by wit and curiosity as well.

If ever, today is the time to emphasise the vision of Turistica as a leading Slovenian multidisciplinary education and research institution in the field of tourism and its related activities, i.e. to become a referential faculty in Europe by acting globally. We will strive towards this aim via synergies, responsible work and good mutual relations. The latter are based on integration, trust, optimism, transparency and reciprocal tolerance, i.e. on the same values, which represent the foundations of modern tourism. The success of a tourism faculty can only be built by content people, employees and students, as successful tourism can only be built by satisfied tourists, guests and tourism employees.

To understand life, one has to live it actively, and therefore we invite future students to join us and experience the life of our faculty. Turistica – the best fellow traveller – will accompany you on this journey. Enter the world of tourism through the doors of Turistica.

Assoc. prof. Janez Mekinc,
Dean of UP FTŠ Turistica