MIRT - Mediterranean institute for Research in Tourism

MIRT is the acronym for Mediterranean institute for Research in Tourism. It was established in 2009 with the aim of becoming the leading scientific and research institute in the field of tourism in Slovenia and a wider international area. Turistica and MIRT strive to establish modern research methods and increase the development and transfer of knowledge to the tourism industry and other knowledge users.


We carry out research and analysis relating to:

  • – tourism enterprises and destinations (operation and marketing),
  • – the tourism market, products and services, and recognition of new trends,
  • – effects of the tourism offer on the environment,
  • – creation of new tourism offer (local, regional and national planning of tourism),
  • – measurement of tourist and employee satisfaction, and success of operation,
  • – quality of tourism offer,
  • – and other areas upon request.
  • We also provide expert opinions and consultations upon request and in conformity with UP FTŠ Turistica’s competencies:
  • – entrepreneurial, marketing and project-based planning for tourism enterprises and organisations,
  • – developmental and tourism marketing strategies,
  • – internal systems of quality in hospitality services,
  • – tourism organisation models.

Ana Allegra,
Tel.: +386/5/617-70-54
e-mail: ana.allegra@fts.upr.si