Guest lecturers

UP FTŠ Turistica is very active in hosting guest lecturers in the frame of the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility programme as well as of various co-financed EU projects. By including guest lecturers in our regular lectures, we enrich our study programmes, strengthen international cooperation and maintain knowledge transfer. In the spirit of our internationalisation aims, Turistica has already hosted numerous lecturers from abroad – from distinguished professors of large and renowned universities to young colleagues from modern higher institutions aiming at innovative approaches.

In the study years 2016/17 and 2017/18 out study programmes were enriched with 8 guest lecturers from abroad in the frame of the GUEST UP project. Turistica will therefore aim towards promoting the international incorporation, internationalisation of the study processes and research at the faculty. The guest lectures are finances by the republic of Slvoenian and EU ESF. Link

The GUEST UP project is the continuation of the UP AND THE WORLD project, in the frame of which we hosted many more foreign guest lecturers. 

For more information about our guest lecturers, you can follow the news on our website and social networks (hashtag: #upturisticainternational).

Redni gostujoči predavatelji

Sara Dolničar is a professor at The University of Queensland (UQ Business School), and cooperates with Turistica regularly as a guest lecturer and researcher.

In 2016 the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport awarded her as an Ambassador of Science of the Republic of Slovenia. Her research output makes her a world’s leading scientist in the field of marketing segmentation in tourism with important impact also in the development of knowledge towards more sustainable tourism. She is a member of influential international academic and professional networks, and their awardee.

More about profssor Dolničar: here.  

Associate professor Simon Ličen ( and teaches undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Washington State University (WSU), and covers the field of media and communication in sports. His rich experience, which he has also gained in various local and national media companies and during the organization of various sport events, will contribute to the transfer of knowledge and good practices from the international environment among UP students and to the strengthening of their competencies.

Dr. Simon Ličen was a guest lecturer at UP FTŠ Turistica for 3 months in the academic year 2020/2021 as part of the action "UP GUEST 2019-2022". Since then he has been a regular guest lecturer.

James Kennell, associate professor at the British University of Surrey (School of Tourism and Hospitality Managementcarries out research into the political economy of tourism and events, as well as into issues of policy and governance affecting these industries. He has published a number of articles, book chapters and other papers on these topics and is a co-author of the core undergraduate textbook 'Events Management: An Introduction' (Routledge).