Department of Cultural Tourism

The Department of Cultural Tourism is committed to quality education and research as well as active engagement with educational and research institutions, professional organisations and the cultural, heritage and tourism sectors.

Members of the Department are from the social sciences and humanities, and they aim to critically address tourism both as a phenomenon and practice. They seek to explore and examine a wide range of topics related to cultural tourism. They foster cross-disciplinary collaboration to provide deeper understandings of cultural tourism.

As the official representative of the University of Primorska in the UNESCO-UNITWIN Network »Culture, Tourism and Development«, the Department of Cultural Tourism is responsible for maintaining relations with the network and is actively involved in its activities.

The Department of Cultural Tourism is also responsible for the development of bachelor's and master's study programmes of cultural and heritage tourism. With its national and international network of partners in higher education and the cultural, heritage and tourism sectors, the Department aims to provide educational, training and employment opportunities for Turistica's students and graduates.

Members of the Department actively engage in national, regional and international research and development projects in various areas of cultural tourism.

The department manages the study program: Cultural Tourism (UN).

The head of the department for the period November 1, 2023 - July 6, 2025 is prof. dr. Tadeja Jere Jakulin. 

Department of Cultural Tourism members

prof. dr. Tadeja Jere JakulinHead
dr. Tina Orel Frank
dr. Irena Weber
dr. Simon Kerma
dr. Aleš Gačnik
Ljudmila Sinkovič
dr. Nina Lovec
mag. Šarolta Godnič Vičič
mag. Tomi Brezovec
Peter Kopić
Daša Okrožnik