UP Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica has been training HR in the field of tourism and related activities since 1995. In accordance with the Bologna Declaration, it offers study programs at all three levels of study and thus covering the entire educational vertical. The Faculty is a member of several scientific and professional networks at the national and international level, such as the UNESCO Unitwin university network, which brings together faculties teaching cultural tourism, and the AEHT professional network, the largest European Association of Hotel and Tourism Schools. In addition, the Faculty is part of a large international network of educational institutions around the world, which allows it to engage in a wide range of international activities.

UP FTŠ Turistica remains the first higher education institution in Slovenia to study and teach tourism in a multidisciplinary way. The knowledge we develop and deliver provides highly qualified staff for work in tourism and tourism-related activities. With this in mind, we have been implementing the European vision of modern education in tourism for 25 years. Knowledge from various fields, but especially from sociology, economics and management, is used to guide tourism as a specific social phenomenon in its sustainable development. Thus, we contribute to the knowledge society, to innovative solutions in tourism, to the natural development of tourism destinations and businesses, and to cultural harmony.

The Faculty is a founding member of the University of Primorska, constantly seeking pedagogical, scientific-research, and project-based interdisciplinary links with the University and its members. It is located in a distinctly touristic place, Portorož, and is striving to strengthen its presence in other promising touristic areas, such as Ljubljana and Maribor. This enables both students and employees to have direct contact with the business environment. At the same time, in line with the multidisciplinary and international orientation of tourism, the Faculty strives to maintain constant links with its immediate and wider environment, both with academic institutions at the international level and with professional organizations at the local, regional and international level.

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With the goal of dynamic cooperation between the Faculty and the business sector and the wider community, Turistica also homes:

In addition to the study activities, a wide range of other events takes place at Turistica, including the conferences Encuentros, the FuTuristica and KulTuristica forums, and the AvanTuristica gallery .


UP FTŠ Turistica will be the leading multidisciplinary educational and scientific-research institution in the field of tourism and tourism-related activities in Slovenia and in the wider region of Central and Mediterranean Europe. It will be known for its innovation and rapid transfer of knowledge to society and the tourism industry, for its excellence in teaching and research, and for its international openness and social responsibility.

Mission and values


• Conduct internationally comparable multidisciplinary education and training in tourism and related activities;
• Provide quality education to students at all three levels (undergraduate, graduate-master's, and doctoral) of the Bologna study system;
• Strengthen international cooperation in the field of education, projects, and research in tourism and related activities;
• Enhance applied scientific research activities at the local, regional, national, and cross-border levels;
• Develop knowledge about tourism through systematic, interdisciplinary scientific research, with the aim of understanding tourism as a social phenomenon and its sustainable development;
• Transfer new knowledge to the educational process and create conditions for successful employment of faculty graduates;
• Strive for up-to-date transfer of innovative knowledge to the tourism industry and the broader social environment.


• Develop knowledge about tourism as a public good while providing suitable conditions for scientific research, development, and advisory work for university professors, collaborators, researchers, and students. The aim is to effectively transfer knowledge and innovations into the tourism industry and the broader society.
• UP FTŠ Turistica achieves excellence by maintaining high and internationally comparable standards of quality in all areas of operation.
• UP FTŠ Turistica strengthens organizational and content cohesion among the members of the University of Primorska.
• Through its activities, UP FTŠ Turistica respects and promotes academic and creative freedom while advancing the civilizational achievements of 21st-century European society.
• Teachers, collaborators, and students of UP FTŠ Turistica jointly shape awareness of common goals, roles, and the significance of their work.
• UP FTŠ Turistica is open to the domestic, European, and international academic and social sphere.