FAQ and Useful Links

  • E-classroom (In the E-classroom you will find the timetable for international students (urniki), the ŠIS – Student information system, literature, materials, attendance list and more, and submit your assignments or tasks. Please check regularly the e-classroom »International students«.): here

Q: How and when should I apply for studying at the UP Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica?

A: After your nomination (handled by your university) you will receive all information via mail.


Q: What formalities should be completed before coming to Slovenia?

A: You have a detailed description of the application procedure here.

Q: How can I find suitable accommodation?

A: The University of Primorska takes care of your first accommodation. Students coming to Portorož will most probably be accommodated in Dormitory, but there is also to possibility of private accommodation. The University will send you the list. After submitting the e-application form, you can also fulfil the section INFORMATION ON HOUSING for the accommodation placement.

Q: Who needs visa?

A: More information about VISA and PERMIT on: https://welcome.upr.si/en/prepare/visas--permit.

Q: How much is the tuition fee?

A: No fee applies for students on the mobility.

Q: Will I have some help at the beginning of my stay?

A: Yes. Turistica has buddy system, so each student will be assigned to a tutor, who will help with the documentation as well as social aspect of your mobility. The Student Council will also organise a welcome party, where you will meet other students.

Q: Which formalities must I go through after my arrival?

A: You will be informed about all the formalities upon your arrival. Please, read carefully the information in the application procedure and make sure to bring all the required documents. You have a detailed description of the application procedure here.

Q: May I attend lectures in Slovenian language?

A: International students are welcome to attend undergraduate and postgraduate lectures in Slovenian. Just make sure to inform us in time.

Q: Where can I eat during my stay?

A: As an exchange student you have the right to subsidized student meals. The list of the restaurants and the login page is https://www.studentska-prehrana.si/en.

Your tutor will help you activate your account and all additional activities.

Q: Whom can I turn to with problems of any kind?

A: The tutor (buddy) will be happy to help you. There are also people in the International Office who can help you with problems connected to your studies or other.


Q: Where do I get additional information?

A: For more information you should contact us on e-mail: international@fts.upr.si.