Report of assist. prof. Miha Lesjak

Report of assist. prof. Miha Lesjak, University of Novi Sad (March – June 2019)

In frame of the Mobility of Slovene higher education teachers 2018 – 2021 project, assist. prof. Miha Lesjak is currently carrying out a 3-month mobility at the University of Novi Sad (Faculty of Sciences).

During his first month, he delivered various lectures on tourism for students of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of Tourism (Event Management, Business Tourism and Tourism in Slovenia).

He has been actively involved in other areas of faculty’s activities and has been successfully arranging mutual research work and possibilities of applying for European projects.

assist. prof. Lesjak deliviering lectures at the University of Novi Sad, April 2019
Photo: dr. Vanja Pavluković (PMF)