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Instructions for a smooth work-flow during the application of measures against the coronavirus spreading (updated: 19 March 2020)

Dear co-workers, dear students!

This message is oriented towards all our faculty’s community: employees, students – those enrolled in Portorož, Ljubljana and Maribor, international students.

In the last 10 days, we witnessed quick changes on all areas – consequence of measures taken to stop the coronavirus spreading. Our academic community is no exception. Our work changed in the blink of an eye. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, who with their personal commitment contributed to the solving of technical issues and searching of adequate solutions, everyone who helped with contacting our students abroad and foreign students at Turistica and all academic staff, who creatively managed to establish online study processes. Turistica’s management believes that all employees did their part accurately and with understanding.

All the instructions we gave so far are still valid. However, the University gave us additional measures and thus, we want to emphasize the existing instructions and update them as well, so our work can continue smoothly.

We are trying to adapt our faculty’s academic and administrative work to the situation as much as possible, and we are striving to make the study process as whole as we can, so that students can complete their study obligations in due date and as smooth as possible. Currently, we are unable to estimate how long will this measures last, therefore our goal is to carry out the study process until the end of the semester and thus we will not have to prolong activities into the exam period or on a later date. The pedagogical process will thus be carried out online until the end of April 2020 for sure, but we can also expect this to continue in May. The University could make the decision to prolong the study year, but this depends on how long will the measures last.  

We thank all employees and students for their respect of the below mentioned instructions and all measures, given to us by competent institutions in order to prevent contagion.

For all information you can contact the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs, assist. prof. Marijana Sikošek.

We hope and wish to get through this period healthy and of course to complete successfully this spring semester.

We wish you well and #stayathome!

assoc. prof. Janez Mekinc, Dean

* These instructions are published in ŠIS and on the web page.

Instructions and measures

Carrying out the pedagogical process

Turistica shall be carrying out its pedagogical process online until further notice. That means that lectures and exercises are carried out at distance, with teachers and students using various tools. We ran to some technical difficulties, but are solving them, and therefore we thank you for your understanding and patience. Students are invited to attend lectures by teachers and assistants. Please note that all regulations of attendance and meeting of the study obligations remain in force and shall be checked by lecturers. Any possible violations shall be sanctioned in conformity with regulations. The Student Affairs Office shall take care that all online lectures and exercises are carried out in accordance to the timetable and that there shall not be any overlapping.

Contact hours

The contact hours shall be carried out on-line until further notice. Therefore, we kindly ask students to discuss it with the teacher beforehand via email. Different communication channels can be applied.  

Cooperation in frame of projects

Students shall turn to the project manager in regard to the cooperation in frame of different projects until further notice. Student reports can be delivered via e-mail by prior arrangement with their mentor or project manager. After the period in which the measures apply, we shall take care of signatures and physical copies.


Examinations (exams, preliminary exams) shall not be carried out. Possible intermediate, short examinations can take place – their form and online mode shall be determined by the lecturer.

Administrative staff

The administrative staff at the faculty shall work online, there are no office hours. The faculty’s only processes are reception and handling of mail, but the doors of the faculty remain closed. All applications, correspondence and other documentation shall be delivered via regular mail or in the ŠIS system, if this was the case so far. You can contact the Student Affairs Office only via e-mail:


The library will remain closed until further notice. During this time you can extend the due dates of your books via email. During this period there will not be any costs or overdue fines. You can access the electronic databases: here. For further information or help you can contact our Librarian:

International Affairs

International students at Turistica and Turistica’s students abroad are in contact with the International Office and their tutor teacher. All questions and information can be sent to ali

Theses defences 

Theses defences shall not be taking place until further notice. For the students that lately delivered their theses and wait for its defence, the due period shall not be running (the thesis’ validity). Students can still deliver their theses in e-form via e-mail. The application form can be sent via regular mail. Before delivering your thesis, please talk to your mentor regarding the signatures and filling out documents.

Up-to-date information

The University created a special web page with all further instructions and information during the application of measures against the corona virus spreading in Slovenian: here  and English: here.