Why Study at Turistica

Why study at Turistica?

1. Because we offer modern and interesting study programmes on all three levels.

From the study year 2017/18 on, we started with the undergraduate programme in English TOURISM ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT (Bachelor’s degree programme). 

We offer study programmes in Slovene language on all three levels:

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2. Because the faculty resides in Portorož – in the municipality of Piran, which is the most developed in tourism, and besides studying offers a lot of extracurricular activities.

The student life at Turistica is quite lively and seasoned with numerous extra-curricular activities and social events organised regularly by the Student Council of UP FTŠ Turistica: Freshmen party, Turizmijada (International congress for tourism students from the Balkan region), excursions and much more.

In the nice Mediterranean setting, where tourism is part of the everyday life, students feel the heartbeat of the Portorož touristic and business environment already during their studies. Lifelong friendships and business connections are built here.

3. Because tourism is one of the fastest growing branches of economy and thus enables a wide variety of possible employments.

The knowledge, which we develop and provide to our students, ensures highly competent tourism professionals.

Our graduates are employed in the tourism sector and related areas.  A high quality and varied offer of foreign languages study enables our students to compete for job positions, which demand foreign language knowledge and communication skills at home as well as abroad. The specific knowledge meets the requests of job posts in non-profit organisations, administrative authorities and organisations dedicated to the promotion of tourism on the local, regional and national level.

The knowledge we develop and hand to our students today, assures competent tourism professionals for tomorrow.

4. Because with tourism’s international character Turistica has a rich international activity.  

Each year the students show greater interest in gaining knowledge in the field of tourism abroad. More and more decide to experience the student mobility programmes for studies as well as placements and in this way complete a part of their regular study at a partner institution (exchange student programme) or gain practical experience in a foreign country (student mobility for placements).