Project partner coordinator of ERASMUS+ K2 project »Room to VET: Upskilling and professionalization of private sector tourism accommodation services«. 2015-2017.
Bilateral international scientific project “Integrated Approach to Tourism Development in Protected Areas – Experiences of Serbia and Slovenia” UP FTŠ Turistica and Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade. 2014-2015
Project partner coordinator »Malvasia TourIstra: Paths of Istrian Malvasia «, INTERREG Slovenia – Croatia. 2014-2015.
Project partner coordinator “e-Turist: Mobile tourist guide”, UP FTŠ Turistica and Institut Josef Stefan. 2012-2013.
Project partner coordinator »Wellness Istra: Integrating top typical agricultural products, cuisine, natural and cultural heritage and spa centers in tourist remediation wellness destination«, INTERREG Slovenia – Croatia. 2009-2011.
Leader of project “Carrying capacity assessment for tourism in the municipality of Idrija”. 2008.
Bilateral international scientific project “Valorisation of economic sources through sustainable development of Istria Karst«. UP Turistica, Institut for agriculture and tourism Poreč – Croatia. 2007-2008.
Leader of UNEP MAP project »CAMP Slovenija: Carrying capacity assessment and Strategy of sustainable tourism of South Primorska region”. 2005-2006.
Bilateral international scientific project “Wine tourism in Slovenia and Croatia”. UP Turistica and Institut for tourism Zagreb – Croatia. 2005-2006.
Active in creation and start-off of the Business incubator at the University of Primorska. 2002-2005.
Active in creation of the tourism clusters in Slovenia (congress, small hotels and SaŠa destination). 2002-2005.
Leader of PHARE project »Ankaran peninsula: future recreation zone between Italian Muggia/Milje and Slovene Koper/Capodistria«. 2000.