Tourism destination management

What prior knowledge of languages is necessary to enrol at Turistica?

Graduates of the study programme of the first level Tourism destination management are experts in theoretical and practical knowledge for managing tourism organizations, managing complex processes in the field of tourism, methodological research knowledge, with which they can independently carry out research and are qualified for the management and implementation of professional tasks that fall within the scope of tourism services. At the same time, graduates are able to successfully enrich tourist services with cultural traditions of our society and environment. Graduates are able to work both at the level of business as well as public organizations as in travel agencies, local, regional and national tourist organizations, tourist information offices, agencies and as representatives in foreign tourism markets.

The programme Tourism destination managementis carried out in Slovenian language as a part-time study program* in Ljubljana

* The part-time study program is subject to a tuition fee. The tuition fees are available: here

What prior knowledge of languages is necessary to enrol at Turistica?


1st year:

2nd foreign language:

You may choose Italian or German as a 2nd foreign language. Both are taught on a basic level (level A1-A2). The student is required to have high school prior knowledge of the chosen language (at least 3 years), or any other knowledge obtained elsewhere and corresponding to the required level.

Language module:

  • Business English for Tourism. Language prior knowledge on level B2 is required.
  • Intercultural Communication in Tourism (Italian, German). Prior knowledge of the chosen language on level B1 is required.