Cultural Tourism (UN)

Graduates of the first level university study programme Cultural tourism become experts with theoretical and practical knowledge for managing tourism and cultural organizations. Graduates will know how to connect tourism services with the dimensions of heritage and contemporary creativity on the regional, national as well as international level.With that they may contribute to the protection, promotion and development of local specialties as a base of contemporary tourism offer. They are capable of taking over the tasks in researching, analyzing, planning, shaping, developing processes in tourism business in connection with culture on the level of economic as well as public, non-governmental and cultural organizations. Their skills enable graduates in Cultural tourism to be employed in organizational institutions (travels, events, festivals), in museums and galleries, in promotions as well as in the media, as culture and tourism specialized journalists.

The programme Cultural Tourism is carried out in Slovenian language as a part-time study programme in Portorož

What prior knowledge of languages is necessary to enrol at Turistica?

1st year:

2nd foreign language:

You may choose Italian or German as a 2nd foreign language. Both are taught on advanced level (level A2-B1). The student is required to have high school prior knowledge of the chosen language or any other knowledge obtained elsewhere and corresponding to the required level.

2nd year:

As an elective subject the student may also choose:

  • English in tourism II. The subject is taught in level C1.
  • 2nd foreign language in tourism II (German, Italian). Prior knowledge of the chosen language on level B1-B2 is required.

If enough students will show their interest, we will organise introduction foreign language courses (upon payment). Please contact the language lecturers for further information.