Innovative Tourism

For all of you directed into research or academic careers in the field of tourism we present a new doctoral programme Innovative tourism. With this programme, which represents the highest level of study of tourismSlovenia has to offer, we enable students of Turistica the continuation of tourism studies on all three levels. At the same time we invite other post-graduate, doctoral students who see their opportunity in the diverse, multi-disciplinary field of tourism research. The 3rd level study programme, Innovative tourism, is the first doctoral programme in the field of tourism in Slovenia. Upgrading the existing study programme on the 1st and 2nd level with a 3rd level study programme (doctoral study) is a response to contemporary tourist practices and, at the same time, the challenge of fast evolving tourism. Tourism as the most propulsive industry of the 21st century requires experts for in-depth research and development of competencies in the field of innovative processes, products and communications in tourism. With the development of competencies in the field of innovation in tourism, graduates can contribute new insights to identify and meet the genuine needs of tourism, develop knowledge for competitive and responsible management of tourism enterprises and new approaches for the sustainable development of tourist destinations. The programme enables in-depth and internationally oriented scientific research and develops new, interdisciplinary knowledge to promote innovation in tourism.

Co-financing of doctoral studies in the academic year 2021/2022