Heritage Tourism

The programme is carried out in cooperation with the UP Faculty of Humanities)

The study programme aims to incorporate natural and cultural resources into the Slovenian and foreign supply of tourism products. This is the first study programme which aim is to disseminate knowledge of heritage into the sphere of tourism. Both aspects exist as individual professional branches and have not yet been intertwined in a study programme before. Heritage Tourism studies combines knowledge and competencies from the fields of cultural and natural heritage with the know-how of tourism management. The applied aspect of understanding the importance of heritage in tourism comes in the foreground of discussion. Students gain knowledge filled with creative work in a prosperous branch of economy. The goal of the study programme is to form a profile of professionals – Master of Science graduates - for the tourism industry in general and specifically for their own business activitiesin tourism. This is an interdisciplinary study programme, enrolment is open to students with an undergraduate degree (3 years) in the fields of humanities, tourism, natural and cultural sciences as well as from other study environments. The heritage tourism experts can work as highly specialized experts in tourist organizations, environmental organizations, public and private sector, etc..

The Master's programme Heritage Tourism is carried out in Slovenian language as a full-time study programme in Portorož, and sometimes in Koper.