Enrolment for Foreign Citizens

Foreign citizens and Slovenes without Slovene citizenship can apply and enrol at the University of Primorska in accordance with the requirements and criteria stipulated by the Higher Education Act, Rules on studies pursued by foreign citizens and Slovene Nationals without Slovenian Citizenship in the Republic of Slovenia, the Statute of the University of Primorska, the Pre-enrolment announcement for the 2018/2019 Academic Year, and the Rules on pre-enrolment announcement and enrolment in higher education.

Those foreign citizens with permanent residence in Slovenia who (or whose parents) are taxpayers in Slovenia and citizens of the European Union are subject to the same application procedure as citizens of the Republic of Slovenia.

Admissions Office of the University of Primorska
(Enrolment UP)
Titov trg 4
SI-6000 Koper,
E-mail: vpis@upr.si, student.office@upr.si