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Dear students,

Welcome to the Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica at the University of Primorska, welcome to a place that brings together and connects researchers, educators, professionals and students of tourism.

Together with the teachers, assistants and all the staff, we are delighted to open the doors of Turistica widely and take you into the world of tourism right through our doors! We are delighted to shake hands again, to greet you in person; we are delighted to be able to share our knowledge, experience and research insights with you once again and to provide you with the best knowledge pathway for a career in tourism during your studies.

For a journey towards an industry that has been developing for many decades and which is not only about travelling and exploring cultures and different worlds, but is also an activity that brings together, above all, the local community and strengthens relationships between them. It is the focus on the local, on the green, on the sustainable, on bringing together different cultures and skills from different fields, which is and will be the hallmark of tourism.

In 2023, tourism and related activities have been given a new push, overcoming the crisis that threatened to bring them to a global standstill. It is precisely the resurgence of tourism that provides the opportunity to set new priorities for tourism that actively address global and national priorities: green investments for a green transformation. This is also the orientation of the World Tourism Organisation on the occasion of World Tourism Day, which we celebrated on 27 September, and one of these is tourism education: it is precisely knowledge about and for tourism that is one of the pathways for a green transition in tourism, and, alongside green transformation and innovation, a key investment in a sustainable future for tourism.

At UP Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica, the beginning of the academic year is always the moment when we - with a wealth of expertise, insight into scientific and project work and 30 years of experience - can take you on the path of tourism and make tourism your world. After all, the almost old-fashioned slogan that tourism is about people still holds true, so let me just wish you, as we start a new academic year, a year driven by curiosity, a thirst for knowledge and a desire to forge new bonds.

Together with my colleagues, I wish you a successful academic year and wonderful student days!

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marijana Sikošek,

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