Covid-19: University of Primorska Measures (October 2020)

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The University of Primorska took the conditions related to COVID-19 into account already when planning the acadmeic year 2020 / 2021. Therefore, a significant proportion of studies was implemented on-line through ZOOM right from the start of the academic year. 

Today, on 15 October 2020, deans and the rector accepted additional recommendation to implement distantly (on-line) all teaching, which can be implemented effectively this way. Therefore, individual students can expect adaptions. Their faculties will notify them of any such changes. 

Meanwhile, following all safety and prevention measure and recommendation, all studies in specialised classrooms will still be implemented at the university premises. These include laboratory exercises, clinical exercises, computer exercises, courses in the field of sport, and others. Students can still attend clinical and practical work in learning facilities, provided that they are accepted. 

Students are still allow to reside in Student Residences of the University of Primorska. With additional safety measures, recreation for students and staff provided by Sport UP can still take place. 

New decision additionally enables work from home for all staff. 

We ask students and staff to take care of their hand and cough hygiene, to wear masks at the university premises and especially to enter the university premises only if they are healthy. 

Currently active measures are published here: LINK.