Tina Orel Frank

Tina Orel Frank is a lector for the English language in tourism and a member of the Department of Cultural Tourism. She holds a degree in English from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana and a master's degree in political science from the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana. She completed part of her studies at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. She received her PhD from the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana with a dissertation entitled English and Slovene Neologisms in the Language of Tourism. She is a lecturer in English in Tourism at the first and second level. Her research area includes extraction of newer terminology from the field of tourism, which is emerging as a current indicator of tourism development. With the desire to systematize and unify tourist terms, she deals with the composition of the bilingual Glossary of Tourism Neologisms. She also researches the use of interactive methods of teaching the language of the profession and defining the specifics of the field language of tourism. Tina Orel Frank led the international project Riviera4Seasons2, under the leading partnership of the Municipality of Piran. She has also participated in the Turist, Zero Waste and SmartMed projects.