Turistica students among the finalists of the prestigious ENTER challenge

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A group of Turistica students (Tadej Rogelja, Rudi Medved, Jaka Godejša, and Lucija Drnovšček) became one of the five finalists of IFITT's international competition Innovation Challenge @ENTER21 with the idea of an innovative booking platform for adventures.

By being ranked among the finalists, they were given the opportunity to publicly present their already operational prototype at one of the most important conferences in the field of e-tourism, ENTER 2021, which will be takin place this week.

The #LocalsFromZero team, which was initiated within the sTOUdio Turistica, #TourismFromZero and AIRTH movements, has added a new category called Community Events "From Zero" to its already existing experiences booking platform, in order to connect visitors with traditional and authentic events, which in the countryside are mostly carried out by various local associations and organizations. By limiting the number of participants for each event, they will still remain boutique events, and visitors will have the opportunity to see behind the scenes, local traditions and customs, thus supporting their preservation. 

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As abovementioned, the awarded students are also actively involved in the extracurricular activities of the pilot educational R&D program UP FTŠ "sTOUdio Turistica". The list of previous sTOUdio adventures confirms that the ENTER achievement is one of the highlights of a large number of activities of all participating students and mentors, and their contribution to innovative ways of education and cooperation of the academy with the economy.